Functional exercises and puddin' patch

Exercises to push your performance

After many years of struggling with speed, accuracy, and performance mode training, we've come up with 3 exercises and one challenge to dig those proverbial heels into growing those skills.

The functional exercises are meant to continually push you.  There is no magic number that'll grant you an award or to tell you that you've made it.  These are simply exercises, so don't over think it.  Use these for practice and for measurement.

The Puddin' Patch has a fun back story found below.  Long story short, this is a fun challenge for seeing how accurate and precise you can be with an interesting mental management aspect.  Plus it's fun to flex on the internet with the cool patch that you'll receive after a successful attempt. (rules below)

Take My Strong Hand

This exercise pushes the envelope for practical accuracy under pressure.


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Movement is an easy way to start stacking tasks.  This seemingly easy exercise will really test your cognitive load capability.


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Back It Up Terry

Shooting while retreating has been seen in defensive shootings.  While not common, it's still a solid exercise.


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Puddin Patch

The infamous Puddin' Patch has eluded many, but achieved by a few dozen globally.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded this spiffy patch!

Rules are as follows

-10 Yards

-No time limit

-.357cal max, Handgun only

-Fire 3 shots, No make ups

-All 3 must touch

-Only 3 attempts per day

-Video submission allowed, show clean target and distance