Pistol Performance Training

Our methods have been proven to produce measurable gains in performance. We are most proud of the community we are creating and serving. With brand ambassadors in 6 states and instructors in 3, we strive to serve the shooting community with the highest real-world training possible.

Synergy provides practical pistol, carbine, less lethal, and first aid training applicable to self-defense, offensive performance, competition shooting, and preservation of life, with a holistic approach to training and the ability to coach anyone.

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Our Team

Tyler Tharp Firearm instructor

Tyler Tharp

Owner - Lead Instructor - Team Capt.

Wes Sutterfield Medic Instructor

Wes Sutterfield

Medical Instructor - Team Member

Stoney Steele Firearm Instructor

Stoney Steele

Pistol Instructor - GM Class Shooter