Barrel Blok – Gimmick or Useful Dry Fire Kit?

For those of us “in the know”, dry fire is a no brainer, sure fire (pun intended) way to keep those skills honed and fresh.  Let’s not forget though, folks that dry fire, or even know how to dry fire, are not the norm.  Why is that? Does the general populace of gun owner just simply not know or do they think they are “good enough”?  I think they simply fall into either category or even sometimes both.

Recently, on the Synergy podcast, a good friend Phillip Yarbrough and I discussed negligent discharges. As Murphy’s Law would have it, 2 out of 4 of our stories involving ND’s occurred during dry fire, one for him and one for me. Now you may be thinking to yourself “Oh that would never happen to me”.  Yea, we thought that too.  The problem is, you can’t beat math.  The law of averages is in play here, and when you play enough, it’s going to happen.  Hopefully not though, because you’re reading this and/or listened to the podcast and bought yourself a Barrel Blok.  It’s no secret that Synergy and the folks at Barrel Blok are friends and support each other, but we are endorsing this little piece of plastic for any sort of monetary advantage, we’re doing it so that folks don’t make the same mistakes we have.

How does it work?  Well that’s a great question and thankfully, it’s super simple.  It’s just a plastic rod that slides into your chamber and protrudes out the muzzle.  There’s also a small mag insert that keeps the slide from locking back.  These simple pieces of dry fire kit ensure that you absolutely cannot insert a round into the chamber when installed.  See? Simple and effective.  So why isn’t everyone doing it?  It’s not inconvenient at all.  It costs very little.  Are you still in the boat of “won’t happen to me”, even after hearing our testimonials?  I don’t know about you, but patching dry wall for no good reason isn’t on the list of things I want to do after the law of averages and Murphy decide to combine forces. Or worse……………

Head on over to Barrel Blok and get yourself a dry fire kit ordered, the cost is nominal in comparison.

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